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KMG On Machine Seasoning and AutoFlow Plus at Pipers Crisps

We have recently finished installing an additional On Machine Seasoning loop and an Autoflow Plus conveying system for Pipers Crisps.

Shaun Watson, Production and Operations Manager gave us his take on the KMG experience half way through the first day of wet commissioning.

Q: What attracted you to KMG?
A: Your reputation in the industry. I’ve seen your equipment and knew that it was exactly what we needed.

Q: What were the potential issues that we’ve overcome?
A: Seasoning consistency – on the distribution side your AutoFlow plus system gives us control over line balancing and for seasoning your system is already giving us the consistency we have been looking for.

Q: How have KMG performed on site?
A: Your project manager has ensured that KMG delivered exactly what we intended to achieve. The communication has been excellent, use of 3D images to enable quick installation and 100% commitment to seeing the job done right. We had first rate commitment from you and I have nothing but praise for KMG. We’ve had all seasoning loops running already and we are expecting to ramp up to full production later on.

Q: How have KMG performed as a whole:
A: Excellent, your designs are clean and practical, you delivered on time, and managed to condense the installation schedule by a day allowing us a precious day’s extra production.

Q: Would you use us again?
A: Yes! It’s not been difficult. You are so efficient, and so effective.

The KMG Project Manager for the Piper's project gave his views:

When Pipers was due for delivery, the KMG factory was extremely busy with a number of other large projects going out the door around that time. The pressure was on all that were involved throughout the project from the Design Office to the Factory, and it took a lot of commitment and long days to meet the delivery date.

The date was met though, the installation went well, commissioning went better and Pipers’ were over the moon.

All in all, a very rewarding project to have managed, and one that couldn’t have been done so well without the level of technical and production support available across KMG.