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KMG gated conveying systems
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KMG Systems have achieved worldwide success with our innovative conveying system, KMG Autoflow-Plus. The design is ideal for fragile products which could be damaged by conventional systems. KMG Autoflow-Plus uses a unique and sophisticated drive system to safely transport and distribute friable materials simultaneously to any number of delivery points, without using gates. Rapid and frequent stop/start capabilities allow for precise control of product within a modular conveying system that can feed a number of packing machines.

We also design and manufacture gated systems. Our engineers will develop your system using the most suitable conveyors from our range for your product requirements: gentle handling for fragile product or high amplitude conveying for screening applications.

EMC2 Conveyor

KMG low energy vibratory conveyorKMG EMC2 vibratory conveyors are sleek, modern conveyors ideal for friable food products.

Powered by KMG's MA500 electromagnetic controller, the drive to the EMC2 conveyor is designed to give a smooth 25Hz output independent of mains supply frequency or voltage.

The conveyor provides very gentle product handling, and due to the advanced design also delivers a substantial conveying capacity.

Autoglide Conveyor

KMG horizontal motion conveyorThe KMG Autoglide is a horizontal motion conveyor which uses a slow-forward, rapid-return method for very gentle product handling in a lightweight stainless steel tray of almost any shape.

KMG Autoglide conveyors have a range of compact drives that can be positioned at the start, end or underneath the conveying tray. They are operated by a single standard 3 phase motor, and are fully sealed requiring no lubrication.

The construction of the drive has been developed to meet the needs of a continuously running plant with high reliability and low maintenance.

OB1 Conveyor

KMG higher amplitude vibratory conveyorThe KMG OB1 is a powerful conveyer driven by a pair of symmetrical out-of-balance motors.

The OB1 provides conveying at a higher amplitude which is ideal for screening applications, while still being gentle enough not to damage product, and is widely used for cereals and petfoods.

The drives require no oil, minimising ongoing maintenance tasks, and are extremely robust.