KMG Seasoning Systems: Total Control for your flavourings

KMG flavour feeder delivers perfect seasoning
KMG software puts you in control
KMG design, build and manufacture seasoning systems

Perfect Seasoning for your Product

Repeatability and accuracy of seasoning systems are essential to good product seasoning and KMG has for many years been at the forefront of developments.

Our scarfed vibratory conveyor delivers an ultra fine even curtain of seasoning to the product as it is gently tumbled inside our drum. We have seen an increase in demand for our effective and reliable systems and we are increasingly being asked to replace unreliable and over-complex electrostatic systems. Our dry seasoning system is designed with hygiene in mind and retracts for easy cleaning and access. Requirement for dust extraction is minimal because 100% of the seasoning remains on the product while it is in the drum which creates a cleaner working environment.

Take a Guided Tour of the KMG Seasoning System with Liquid Spray

Whether you are looking for a way to apply oil, vitamins, sugar syrup, starch or kitchen seasonings to your product, we have the equipment to meet your needs.

In addition, using proprietary software, KMG has developed a unique Loss in Weight system giving unparalleled performance and unsurpassed user friendly features. Seasoning is loaded into a hopper so that it can be fed onto the product flow. We continuously weigh the change in weight of the hopper so we always know how much seasoning is being delivered. We can therefore adjust the application rate extremely accurately (to within 1 gram). The system works best in conjunction with our gravimetric Flow Weigher.

The really clever bit is in the software - all of our control software is written in-house and is bespoke for the individual application with any PLC configuration required by the customer.