KMG Help you reduce your Environmental Impact

KMG rely on renewable energy sources
KMG conveying sytems are low energy
KMG report to the Carbon Disclosure Project
KMG finely tuned conveying systems save energy

KMG: Helping you reduce your environmental impact

We know you care about total lifetime costs including initial cost, power cost, and maintenance costs over a period in excess of 10 years. You want your facility to run efficiently and reliably.
Our aim is to minimise lifetime costs by producing energy efficient, reliable and long lasting equipment for food handling.

Low cost of ownership

The overall cost of ownership of our equipment is extremely low. Our vibratory conveyors are designed for reliability and will last for more than 25 years. We have vibrating conveyors in the field that have been running for 30 years.

The maintenance of our machines is straightforward with few spares required. Our sophisticated controller continually monitors each vibrating conveyor enabling peak performance to be maintained. Replacement parts can be easily disposed of as they are non hazardous and we offer a refurbishment service for our controllers. When our seasoning and distribution equipment eventually reaches the end of its life it is 99% recyclable.

Innovations to Reduce Energy Use

Our single phase electromagnetic vibratory conveyors run close to natural frequency so their power consumption is ultra low. Our vibrating conveyors use 82% less power than a comparable sized 3 phase mechanically driven machine.

Our new liquid spray unit operates airlessly. It is well known that compressed air is one of the more expensive forms of energy in a production facility and by designing a spray unit that runs without compressed air we offer a superior, greener technology and lower energy costs.

Reducing Waste

Our systems reduce product waste in several different ways:

  1. Our sophisticated and easy to use seasoning system ensures we apply seasoning to within very tight tolerances thus maximising the amount of correctly seasoned product and minimising seasoning waste. We can exceed the tightest tolerances in the industry over a wide variation in product flow thanks to our proprietary Loss in Weight system and Flow Weigher together with our in-house control software. Customers are seeing savings in excess of 20% on seasoning losses when they use our coating systems.
  2. We incorporate dynamic storage into our distribution systems to cope with fluctuations between the processing equipment and packaging equipment.
  3. Our distribution system design minimises the possibility of product going to reject because of a stale condition by incorporating routines to re- route the flow of product, warnings which indicate the need for extra packaging capacity and providing assistance with system balancing. Operator intervention is assured.
  4. Our multi-flighted seasoning drums handle the product gently, minimising fines waste and maximising perfect product.
  5. Our distribution systems are designed with particular attention to transfers in order to eliminate spillage, reduce drop height and optimise product flow.
  6. Our software is easy to use and displays machine status and production data, allowing operators to monitor any unusual activities and react quickly and efficiently, before any further processes are affected.

Starting with us

Our in-house design and manufacturing facilities are super green. We re-use all our process water and the roof of our factory is covered with 96 photo- voltaic panels.

Our design office was planned to minimise power consumption with large north facing windows to reduce the need for artificial light and
passive air flow to eliminate wasteful air conditioning. Automatically switched lighting in our production areas ensures that power is used only when needed.

We have invested in a range of local initiatives to support the community in which we work: our people and our local environment are important to us.