KMG Liquid Spray Unit: airless ultra efficient Product coatings

KMG Seasoning drum with Liquid Spray Unit is part of our seasoning system options

KMG Liquid Spray Unit

KMG offer stainless steel and plastic seasoning drums
KMG seasoning system deliversd perfect results

The KMG Liquid Spray Unit is the latest addition to our flavour application offer. It has been in the marketplace being beta tested and now has proven capability. We have now made it available to all our customers.

The KMG Liquid Spray Unit can either spray oil, vitamins, sugar syrup, starch onto the product and then if required evenly coat with dry seasoning using our vibratory scarfed edge feeder and/or we can blend a secondary liquid into the main flow.

The LSU works without compressed air which provides several advantages:

  • it saves energy;
  • there is no need for an expensive clean and hygienic compressed air supply;
  • our system is inherently clean, safe and quiet.
  • We believe tight control is essential to optimise the use of expensive ingredients and increase efficiency. Our system is very reliable with extremely tight control of seasoning. Customers are seeing savings in excess of 20% on seasoning losses when using KMG seasoning systems.

    Successful flavour application is all about consistent coverage, particularly with darker coloured, spicier and more intense seasonings. Our multi flighted drums and gentle tumbling action ensure an even coverage. Our seasoning systems are designed to apply seasoning consistently over a wide variation in product flow.

    Continuous non-intrusive analysis for closed loop ingredient control for high value recipes. Repeatability and accuracy of flavouring are essential to good product flavour and KMG is at the forefront of seasoning developments. Capable of meeting the most demanding levels of performance in terms of accuracy, coverage, consistency and efficiency.

    > Integrated Dry & Liquid OMS Seasoning System

    The KMG LSU has been developed by our team of expert engineers as a spray system capable of meeting the most demanding levels of performance that our customers expect. Ideal for popcorn, bakes, cereal, crackers, crisps, chips and snacks.