KMG Systems Limited: manufacturer of conveying and seasoning systems

KMG Storveyors and dynamic storage

Customers worldwide rely on KMG to safely transport their products. However, you may have times when you need to store product briefly when the supply from one part of the system exceeds the demand.

We can often achieve dynamic storage by careful design of conveyors, but when large amounts of product require storage for short periods we would recommend a Storveyor. Our clean design allows continual movement in and out of the Storveyor on a first in, first out basis. Storveyors can vary in size from 2m3 to 50m3.

Storveyor features

>‘First in first out’ design keeps your product fresher
>Gentle handling - product only falls onto product so damage is minimised
> Suitable for loose, wrapped or packet materials
> A range of feed options to suit your product and location including:
- multi gate vibratory conveyors
- travelling vibratory or belt conveyors
- multi-gate KMG Autoglide horizontal motion conveyors