KMG Systems Limited: manufacturer of conveying and seasoning systems

KMG Tailored Support Solutions

We pride ourselves on our support services.

We know that you, your colleagues and your site are unique. The principle behind our the support we off is simple: tell us how we can help you.


Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced engineers who look at your system as a whole and suggest ways to optimise your plant performance.

Most processes require mechanical maintenance, instrumentation, electrical power and control, PLC logic and SCADA overview and control. Due to the demands on production, and the need for output 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the requirements for total support are ever increasing. Our ‘One Stop Shop’ approach covers it all.

Keeping plant running efficiently is just a part of our service. We offer training and consultancy to all levels of your staff, spares retention and warranty on your essential equipment.


Service Support – Our engineers have details of the equipment and control systems installed at your site, so they can provide prompt and accurate technical support. We can send a team to your plant if required to provide the support you need.

Machine Tuning and Performance Optimisation – Our highly skilled engineers service your equipment to achieve the optimum performance levels.

Spares Management – We can check your KMG spares holding and confirm any missing recommended spares. Extended Warranties can be offered to cover your critical components.

Training – We provide in- house or on-site bespoke training. Topics include system or plant performance optimisation, equipment set up and maintenance, PLC/HMI fault finding training and new safety innovations.

System Upgrades and Enhancements – we advise which of our latest designs and control systems can offer a significant improvement to your production line and provide potential cost savings.