KMG Systems design and build seasoning systems

KMG Systems Limited: Seasoning Systems

A snack food seasoning system usually consists of a coating or tumbling drum to which dry seasoning powders or salts are applied usually using a vibratory conveyor fed by a seasoning applicator.

Successful flavour application is all about consistent coverage, particularly with darker coloured, spicier and more intense seasonings. Our multi flighted drums and gentle tumbling action ensure an even coverage. Our seasoning systems are designed to apply seasoning consistently over a wide variation in product flow.

  • Continuous non-intrusive analysis for closed loop ingredient control for high value recipes
  • Repeatability and accuracy of flavouring are essential to good product flavour
  • Capable of meeting the most demanding levels of performance
  • Ideal for crisps, chips, snacks and popcorn
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Flavour Drums

The KMG EMC1 scarfed vibratory conveyor delivers an ultra fine even curtain of seasoning to the product as it is gently tumbled inside our drum.

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Liquid Spray

Manufacturers of todays 'good for you' snacks are acheiving great results with KMGs Liquid Spray Unit which delivers a very highly controlled ultra-low dose liquid spray, allowing good seasoning adherence at the same time as not affecting bite and mouthfeel.

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Slurry Systems

 Different products require the right seasoning application and KMG liquid and dry seasoning systems as well as the KMG slurry unit deliver great results.